Thursday, October 5, 2023

Meet Our New Director of Sales for North America, Jason Segal

Jason Segal joins Vita Aerospace team bringing extensive helicopter hoist operations experience.
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Meet Our New Director of Sales for North America, Jason Segal


ita Aerospace is excited to introduce our newest member of the team, Jason Segal, a seasoned Search and Rescue (SAR) hoist expert and sales leader.  His breadth of experience and technical skills in the SAR industry will be a great asset for the Vita Team as he trailblazes the community to showcase our technology, the Vita Rescue System, and promote safer and faster helicopter hoisting missions.

The Vita Rescue System - Litter Attachment (VRS-LA) provides a dynamic stabilization approach to hoist operations. The propulsion-driven device connects to most rescue kits and can be autonomously and manually controlled to eliminate spinning, rotations, swinging or other problems that cause accidental injuries or fatalities. The result is accelerated extractions of victims and elimination of preventable hoist operation accidents.

Get to Know Jason

Jason's passion for the emergency response community was ignited by his father, a dedicated Firefighter EMT and flight medic in Los Angeles for more than four decades. From a young age, Jason immersed himself in the first responder world, which ultimately paved the way for his career.

Jason has a diverse background as a dive medic, EMT, paramedic, and most recently, eight years as a helicopter hoist operations trainer. With numerous hoist hours under his belt, Jason has honed his skills operating the hook and hoist within nine different airframes.

His expertise and dedication will undoubtedly contribute to our mission of providing top-notch equipment, training, and operational solutions for the emergency response community. With that, Jason is eager to demonstrate the incredible technology, the VRS, to local and state agencies throughout the United States.

“I originally thought that this device stops just the spin, but it’s much more than that. The VRS stops swinging, pendulums, oscillations, and spins - and how it maintains its pinpoint within the axis of the hoist… All this magic, it’s incredible. When I was a trainer, there were incidents where there were close calls for very dangerous outcomes, and if we had this device, it would have been avoided.”

Jason will be engaging in open and educational conversations with all crew members, exploring the possibilities of the VRS and addressing the questions of how, why, and when it can be effectively deployed. He will run through scenarios and find the perfect solutions with crews.

“20 years down the road, I want to say, ‘we did it, we set the NATO standard on aircrafts.’” Jason says about his future at Vita Aerospace.

Jason is currently embarking on a nationwide tour, showcasing the full capabilities of the VRS on a variety of helicopters across various agencies. If your crew is interested in witnessing this cutting-edge technology in action, feel free to reach out to Jason!


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