Vita Rescue System™

Autonomously stabilizes spin, swing & oscillation User-controlled positioning Fly to Target capable

What is Autonomous Stability?

Autonomous stabilization assists with the most complex part of MEDEVAC operations by holding the hoist position from the moment it leaves the helicopter.

Military & Government

We believe in bringing people home every time. It’s why we set out to solve the unsolvable and it’s why we won’t stop till injury and death are eliminated from hoist and load operations.

Sling Load

The sling load stabilizer can be configured to actively stabilize sling load spin and rotation. Remote hook(s) can also be added to remotely release the load.

Power Line Maintenance

The swing and spin of external loads below a helicopter can quickly spiral out of hand. Vita mitigates the swing of suspended loads under helicopters and keeps workers safe and productive.

Construction Hoist

Construction sling load operations can be difficult to manage and cause delays if the weather is bad. Vita ensures you stay on budget while keeping ground and aircrews safe.


Vita's PRAES technology allows fixed-wing aircraft to conduct extraction of personnel and supplies without putting the crew or aircraft at risk.

Seeing is Understanding

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