Protect what Matters.

We create intelligent lifting solutions that significantly enhance the capability, safety, and efficiency of search-and-rescue hoist operations, helping you protect the mission.

Vita Rescue system

The Vita Rescue System - Litter Attachment (VRS-LA) provides a dynamic stabilization approach to hoist operations. The propulsion-driven device connects to most rescue kits and can be autonomously and manually controlled. Measuring over 1,000 data points per second, the system detects real-time movement and adjusts the load with high-powered fans to eliminate spinning, rotations, swinging or other problems that cause accidental injuries or fatalities. The result is accelerated extractions of victims and elimination of preventable hoist operation accidents.

The VRS-LA gives the hoist operator precise control of the rescue device via a wireless pendant, making it the perfect tool for complex hoists on difficult terrain such as water, mountains, jungles, woods, and urban environments.
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Air Rescue Systems (ARS)

Air Rescue Systems is an industry leader in hoist operations training and equipment. Now under the Vita Aerospace umbrella, the combination of these two companies brings more capabilities and cutting edge innovation to the industry.
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Us Coast Guard

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Texas Dps

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Protect the Crew

4x faster than tagline hoists.
Reduce hover time and pilot fatigue.
Eliminate need for taglines.
Mitigate against spinning, and swinging of the hoist.
Reduced need for ground crew.

Protect the Mission

Precisely control the rescue device.
Conduct faster dynamic hoisting in any operational environment and condition.
Complete the mission faster and extend the aircraft range.
Autonomously hold heading of rescue kit in even the worst rotor wash.

Protect the budget

Reduce fuel costs.
Complete more hoists.
Prevent injuries and accidents.
Diminish wear on operational assets.
Immediately up-skill crew.


Vita Aerospace's technology is versatile and improves hoist missions in a range of operations. Teams receive specialized training and knowledge for their specific needs ensuring efficiency, safety, and exceptional results.

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue

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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

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Fire Rescue

Power Utility

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Helicopter CRM

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The Vita Inclinata Technologies Load Stability System has the ability to transform helicopter hoist operations by providing stabilization across a number of mission areas, to include its use with medical litters during evacuations of wounded personnel.

Carl Buhler

Brigadier General (ret) U.S. Air Force

I was hoisting a patient in a skedco during a training exercise, years ago, and riding up as a barrelman (attached to the hook). The patients weight shifted in the sked as it lifted off the ground and turned the sked into a wing, catching air. We went into a fierce spin about halfway up and the tagline snapped. was on the verge of unconscious by the time I made it to the ramp (CV-22) and I remember the look on the aircrews face when they got me on board, shock. The spin was so bad they thought the cable was going to snap. All that said, happy to see an innovation that many probably wouldn't even think about until after a catastrophe. Don't even get me started on taglines..

Loren Palenchar

Special Operations Transitioning Veteran

Its amazing military men and women will risk their own lives to make sure a hurt battle buddy is saved and is able to get back to their family and see their loved ones again. That’s what this technology does, it makes that a winnable situation. Because this guy is going to be safe, and this guy doesn’t have to put himself at additional risk to make that happen. My story would have been vastly different if this technology was there, if I could roll back the hands of time and create and implement this technology before my rescue I would.  Technology is cheap. Lives are priceless”. See more from video here;  Helicopter Rescue Spinning Basket Survivor - Ken Bowling

Ken Bowling

San Bernadino Hoist Accident Survivor

The Vita system has performed flawlessly under the challenging conditions of the UAE environment which includes desert, mountains, salt water, and temperatures up to 48 deg C. We are looking forward to fielding the system on all of our AW139s.


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