As a Crane Operator, Rigger, and A&D team member, currently working in renewable energy, Caleb's focus is first and foremost the safety and well-being of his team members. Second, both efficiency and high quality work become his priority. Caleb pushes himself to achieve new heights by listening to others, and adapting to his environment. In the end, he's out here to have fun and enjoy the amazing work he does!

As an instructor and trainer, Caleb brings his passion into teaching and playing a part in the success of others as they achieve their goals and dreams! He enjoys learning new skills and concepts everyday. Caleb is fortunate to meet new people, making awesome connections expanding his network.

Caleb's diverse experiences including operating cranes, oiling, rigging, assembly and disassembly (A&D), and driving/hauling in the crane industry. Previous to his work in the crane industry, his experiences included operation and supervising deicing of commercial airplanes at Denver International Airport and working as a reserve firefighter for 5 years in the Denver suburbs.

The combination of Caleb's experiences have taught him communication and team building skills. These skills allow him to stay calm and communicate effectively with his peers during stressful operations and respond well to changing conditions within a worksite environment! These experiences have also taught Caleb the importance of teaching others in his industry, passing on not only his trade knowledge, but his team oriented attitude and the importance of leadership from the ground and the operator seat.