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Vita is on a mission to deliver the capabilities and products our military customers need to save lives. Through relentless innovation and development, we are accelerating Search and Rescue capabilities to support our customers’ missions. We embrace disruptive technology, drive change, and deliver game changing technologies that bring soldiers home every time.
A map of soldier test points

Soldier Test Points

US Army Tested
for Helicopter Rescue

Autonomous stabilization assists with the most complex part of MEDEVAC operations by holding the basket position from the moment it leaves the helicopter.
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No Taglines or Tethering

Reduce hover time and put control in the hands of the crew/pilots.
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Counter Weather

Stabilize against wind without spin and sway.  Operate in rain and snow.
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Navigate Terrain

Cliffs, canyons, canopies? No problem. Fly your system to where you need it.
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US Army EMI Certified

US Army EMI Certified. No interference with aircraft electronics.

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