Thursday, September 8, 2022

Vita’s Mission To Save Lives–Personified

RotorPro has become the latest publication to capture the inspirational story of Caleb Carr’s mission to deliver a Vita Rescue System to Ukraine.
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Vita’s Mission To Save Lives–Personified


any companies painstakingly craft mission statements only to fall short of the indicated direction–Vita Inclinata is different. Vita’s mission is to “bring them home every time.” This mission results when passion meets purpose and tragedy is transformed into a life-saving tool.  

This unique company and the founder's story continue to pique the interest of the press and journals worldwide. RotorPro has become the latest publication to capture this inspirational story in their feature article, “Tragedy spawns lifesaving Vita Inclinata technology for helicopter SAR missions.”

The story is a deep dive into Vita CEO Caleb Carr’s vision of a new life-saving technology that prevents rescue litter basket rotation while being hoisted by a helicopter and how the world has begun to embrace it. RotorPro’s story starts by highlighting a tragic moment in Carr’s life:

Carr was a 15-year-old Multnomah County (Oregon) Search and Rescue volunteer tech involved in a 2009 night training mission on Larch Mountain when his instructor, mentor and friend went into cardiac arrest. A helicopter quickly arrived to hoist his friend with a rescue litter and transport him to a medical facility. But tragically, gusty winds and rotor wash stymied multiple attempts to safely control and drop the stretcher. Carr's friend died on that mountain.

Rather than suppressing that tragic moment, Carr used it as inspiration to devise a method to prevent it from ever happening again. He partnered with mechatronics engineer Derek Sikora and co-founded Vita Inclinata in 2015 to develop the Vita Rescue System (VRS).

As RotorPro writes:

The Vita Rescue System utilizes four high-speed ducted fans that spin at 39,500 rpm to produce a total of 70 pounds of thrust. Operators can simply turn on the auto stabilization mode, or choose direct control and manually rotate the litter right or left and avoid objects such as trees or walls.

As word got out about Vita’s groundbreaking VRS search and rescue technology, orders for the device streamed in. The U.S. Army purchased 15, the National Guard in 13 states requested the VRS for testing, and the Ukraine Military is seeking 30 systems to help with their war efforts. Demand for the VRS  is so high that Vita quadrupled manufacturing to meet additional requests from Chile, Japan, and Portugal.  

RotorPro also highlights that Vita builds industrial stabilization devices that “vastly improve upon taglines and counterweights with vector thrust.” For example, the Vita Load Navigator allows companies to remotely control crane lifts and handles loads that weigh more than 25,000 pounds.

RotorPro’s article is a must-read story to learn how Vita’s technology makes a dramatic safety difference for search and rescue missions and industrial construction sites.


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