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Vita Aerospace End of Year 2022

Vita Aerospace looks back on 2022 highlighting some of our biggest accomplishments in the Search and Rescue community.
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Vita Aerospace End of Year 2022


he year 2022 was a landmark year for Vita Aerospace and our flagship product, the Vita Rescue System (VRS). We attended numerous trade shows, conducted live demonstrations, and worked with Search and Rescue teams worldwide. Our system is saving lives and making rescue operations safer for those headed into harm's way. Before we look ahead to the coming year, here are some of our most significant accomplishments of 2022.  

Major Military Achievements in 2022

Domestically, we completed our first major testing phase with The U.S. Army, a massive milestone for Vita. This rigorous testing program routinely sees a much higher rate of failure than rate of approval. We’re proud to report that the Vita Rescue System received the Army’s blue-ribbon approval for further testing and real-world application. The U.S. Army acquired several systems poised to be fielded with various units throughout early 2023. We anticipate that this will only be the beginning of our efforts to assist the U.S. military in executing faster and safer rescue operations.  

Internationally, we’ve had several very exciting developments within the Search and Rescue community. Perhaps our most significant accomplishment was the fleet-wide deployment of the Vita Rescue System with the United Arab Emirates National Search and Rescue Center (NSRC). The NSRC acquired six units and will use the system for their Search and Rescue operations moving forward. The VRS will be deployed throughout the UAE and the greater Arabian Gulf region.

Another significant milestone for Vita was perhaps our most harrowing and dangerous mission to date, bringing the Vita Rescue Systems to the war-torn region in Ukraine. Within the first six months of the conflict, when it was at its most treacherous, CEO Caleb Carr, and Marketing Director Scott Slack entered the area through Poland to personally deliver the system to troops fighting on the ground. It was a dangerous mission considering that the duo was stopped multiple times along the way by armed forces. It typically takes weeks, or even months, to successfully train Search and Rescue crews to execute medevac operations. Within just four hours, Ukrainian Search and Rescue operators were leveled up and ready to fly rescue missions in hotly contested war zones. Once again, proving the effectiveness of the VRS in high-risk real-world scenarios. Aircrews in the region can now execute rescue operations in as little as two minutes, unlike the typical extraction time of twelve minutes or longer. Upon delivery of the system, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine formally requested 30 VRS systems to aid in medical evacuations throughout the region.

Strategic Partnerships and Demonstrations

Also, on the international front, Vita announced a strategic partnership with United Aero Group, which provides rotary support for military and civilian clients worldwide. This partnership will allow for the resale of VRS systems throughout Africa and South America. This expansion into the global sales market will help rescue operators worldwide by providing the most cutting-edge tools available to Search and Rescue teams operating in the harshest conditions around the world.  

Vita conducted several other successful European demos with Squadron 751 in Portugal and DRF Luftrettung out of Germany. Both foreign rescue teams were incredibly impressed with the VRS after testing. The Portuguese team was so impressed with the stability achieved, despite the rotor wash off the cliffs of Lisbon, that the operator on the hoist felt comfortable enough to remove his grip on the hoist altogether. A compelling video of this act is further proof that the VRS is on its way to becoming a must-have for rescue agencies on a global scale.

These accomplishments will help bring us closer to our goal of seeing the VRS deployed within military units worldwide, and to see our system implemented by non-military agencies following these critical demonstrations. Vita Aerospace also had an incredibly successful showing at the 2022 HAI Heli-Expo. This convention features over 600 exhibits and is attended by roughly 14,000 individuals in the aviation community. These events and expos attract the attention of non-military rescue operators from locations all over the world.  

Vita Brings in New Advisors and Continues Office Expansions

Vita Aerospace has seen tremendous growth over the past year. So much so that the company has expanded its offices from two locations to six. Aside from our Colorado locations, Vita now has offices in Washington, D.C., Silicon Valley, and Dubai. Vita also welcomed three new members to its prestigious aerospace advisory board. These acquisitions include the former CFO of Virgin Galactic and Co-Founder of SpaceX, Ken Sunshine, former Commanding General of the US Army Combat Readiness Center Timothy Daugherty, and former Chief of Staff USCG Pacific Command Tony Hahn. Vita Aerospace continues to attract top talent from a variety of aerospace and military organizations to expand its operations all over the world.  

Vita Looks to the Future to Revolutionize Search and Rescue Operations

It’s our goal to make helicopter rescue missions safer for everyone involved. We’re building technology that brings people home every time. Whether the need is foreign or domestic, Vita is excited to make every medevac operation faster, safer, and more efficient regardless of political stance. We sincerely want to thank everyone who supports and celebrates this mission. As 2023 approaches, we look forward to bringing the safest and most innovative technology to the market.  


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